Important Update

As everyone is impacted by this recent health crisis, we thought we’d share a few things here. Many have asked  how will this affect our real estate market?”  Here is what we say:

Today, showings are still happening. Although we have not seen a drastic decline in showings, we do believe consumer confidence drives any financial decision and market.  We suspect confidence is lowered now in light of everything.   It is our belief we will still continue to see homes sell but at a slower pace.  That being said, they will sell because of two things: interest rates are at an all-time low, which gives buyers more buying power. And, there is a shortage of housing. Buyers are still in need of homes to purchase.   These benefits remain the same.

On a personal note, we believe this is an opportunity to focus on what we HAVE versus what we have temporarily lost.
Our world has slowed down for a moment.  Perhaps that’s a good thing.   We are not rushing as much. Our families see more of each other right now. What a gift. So, we have to buy blueberries instead of strawberries at the store this week.  At least our fridge is full.  So, our gym is closed for now. We can still exercise on our own.  We can enjoy the sun on our face, breathe in this clean Mesquite air, see the snow-peaked mountains against our blue sky. What a gift.  So, we cannot eat at a restaurant. We can still do take-out.  We can eat meals at our kitchen table. What a gift.  We cannot get on an airplane, but we can drive around this beautiful city and state. What a gift.  We may not be going to the mall, but we can get the things we need.  What a gift. 

When we look at history and all the things people have endured in the past, terrible things like the Great Depression, the Holocaust, Chernobyl, 911, famines, earthquakes, fires, etc., we feel fortunate that today this is our challenge.   We can handle this.  It’s temporary, and we are going to be okay.

As always, thank you for your business, referrals and friendship. We appreciate you!
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